Enthralling Ecuador featuring Tren Crucero

11-day Independent Tour
South America

If you want adventure and drama, this train tour is for you. When Owen & Eleanor Hardy, co-owners of The Society of International Railway Travelers, visited Ecuador the spring of 2017, they fell in love with the food, the people, the accommodations and the trains.  The scenery — mountains, volcanoes, rain forests and coastal areas — is some of the most spectacular in the world.

This tour features some amazing new offerings in Ecuador: the Tren Crucero Gold, a 4-night adventure from the mountainous landscape of the Andes to the coastal plains, including a journey along the famed “Devil’s Nose.” It’s no wonder this new train program, with its upgraded offerings, has earned The Society of IRT’s prestigious World’s Top 25 Trains status, announced in June 2017.

Your tour begins in Quito, Ecuador’s colonial capital. You then travel to the Andes rain forest for a three-day stay at the fabulous Mashpi Lodge, a must-do for anyone who loves nature and the outdoors. Finally, watch the beautiful scenery unfold as you travel aboard the Tren Crucero to Guayaquil with overnights at the fabulous hotels that are part of the package. You will especially love the new Hotel del Parque, which blew us away!

Also, you can extend your journey with a Galapagos cruise–a perfect add-on. Plus we have shorter Galapagos journeys on offer, as well as a luxury “eco-lodge” on the islands.

Fabulous new video shared by Tren Crucero.